Friday, 4 November 2011

My attempt at a capsule wardrobe

As I said in my my previous post this blog is not about extreme frugality. I am not a big shopper but I do like nice things and will save up for something of good quality that I know will last rather than spend less on more items that won't.

I have recently bought a few items to update my wardrobe. I am trying to create a capsule wardrobe so I don't open the doors and not know what to wear. So far I haven't actually gotten around to clearing out the older stuff that is past it or I no longer wear but that will happen one day next week when I have a few hours to myself. I can be pretty ruthless once I get going so hopefully I will be left with a tidy, organised wardrobe (which it is definitely not right now).

So just for light entertainment and for those interested in fashion I have shared some of the items I have bought recently.

Quite a few items I know, but I can create lots of different outfits for work or home or (the very occasional) night out. The best thing was I had savings to pay for this little spree and I don't expect to have to shell out much for years now other than on things like basics etc. If my lovely new coat and boots etc don't last a long time i'll be disappointed. Now if only I could look like that Next model I could wear absolutely anything and look good!

Has anyone else updated their wardrobe for winter recently?

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