Sunday, 20 November 2011

November grocery challenge update

Good afternoon, I can't believe a week has passed since my last post. I have been so busy this week.

Below is a quick round up of my November grocery challenge, which is a big fat fail. Fuel spending also a fail, big time, but I knew that the cars would start getting used more from this month onwards with the dark mornings and nights and our expensive hobby about to begin for the winter..... more about that in another post...

November grocery challenge update

I went shopping on Thursday 17th to Tesco & Lidl as follows;


Cheerios                                   £2.78
Kellogs Rice Krispies (on offer)   £1.60
Mini Weetabix x 2                      £3.00
Tesco bread flour x 3 (3 for2)     £1.36
Tesco value flour x 3 (3 for 2)    £1.04
Tesco fruit yoghurts (6 pk) x 2   £1.78
Tesco value carrots 1kg             £0.76
Frozen peas 1kg                       £0.99
Mature Cheddar                        £2.49
Jar of Tesco finest mincemeat    £1.96
Jar of value lemon curd             £0.22
Yeo Valley natural yoghurt         £1.48
Refuse sacks x 20                     £1.79
Tomato puree                           £0.35
Oranges                                   £2.00
Clementines x 2 bags                £2.00
Large caulifower                       £1.67
Tomatoes                                 £2.00
1 x tub Finest pesto                  £2.19
Value mushrooms                     £0.97
Honeydew melons x 2               £3.00
Pears                                       £1.00
TOTAL                                     £36.43
Bananas                                  £0.88
Celery                                     £0.49
Mixed peppers                         £0.99
2 x punnets of grapes              £3.00
Apples x 2 bags                       £2.18
Arla 1% milk x 4 @ £0.85        £3.40
Bavarian Ham x 3 @ £0.89      £2.49
Wafer thin chicken                   £1.59
Free range eggs x 2 packs       £1.78
TOTAL                                   £17.78

MORRISONS on 20.11.11
2 x packs of reduced smoked haddock @£1.79 each    £3.58
Lurpak butter 500g (yes, weak, I know!)                    £2.98!!!
2 x tubs of Stork 500g                                              £2.00
1 x Organic pasta flour                                              £1.39
2 x twin pack of paper tissues                                    £6.00
1 x travel pack hankies (x6)                                       £1.29
TOTAL                                                                     £17.24

LIDL on 20.11.11

Bananas                                                                  £0.60
Oranges - 3kg                                                          £1.98
Honeydew melon                                                      £1.29
Arla 1% milk x 1                                                       £0.85
Cushelle toilet roll x 24 pack                                      £6.99
Meat balls x 6 packs @£0.84                                     £5.04
TOTAL                                                                     £16.75

GRAND TOTAL                                                        £88.20

November challenge - £250.00  / Spent -  £ 261.35

So an £11.35 overspend.  Darn it, I just lost it over the last few days, not sticking to my list and buying things I really didn't need this week. Like pasta flour!!! I am going to attempt HM pasta soon, but did I need to buy it this week??? NO! Lurpak butter, I know, I know, I am weak. The other stuff just doesn't taste the same though.... Also the whole family is full of the cold so we needed more paper tissues so that put me over my desired budget.
Nevermind I must try harder next month.

Fuel spend was way over too. Budget - £200.00 / spent £251.00.

Anyway, I am working every day this week so I WILL NOT step foot in a shop unless it is an emergency. I have every thing I need until pay day, which is on Friday this week.

How are everyone else's November challenges going? (or not....)

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