Sunday, 20 November 2011

Culinary successes & failures

I have spent most of today in the kitchen cooking and baking and very happy I have been too. Eldest child was helping his granny with some gardening chores and younger two were actualy playing well together in the garden.

I made some sweet potato and butter nut squash soup, which will be good for lunches for a few days.

A large loaf of bread, 50:50 white & spelt.

Lemon sponge, in a tray, so I can cut into squares for packed lunched etc. It just goes further with five of us in the house.

I attempted a so called 'foolproof' banana loaf but it didn't work out at all. Raw in in the middle, although the kids ate the ends

I also made a piece of brisket in the slow cooker which we had with roast potatoes, roasted carrots, peas and HM Yorkshire puddings.

After all that I am having an early night.

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  1. Holy moly you were busy! And 3/4 isn't bad. Anything that you bake in a bread pan can be difficult...getting the middle done w/o burning the outside.