Saturday, 5 November 2011

Busy Day

Up at 6am today as we have a lot on. So far I have made a batch of lemon curd muffins (from the River Cottage Every Day cook book), baked a loaf of bread and a large pan of leek & potato soup. 

I have also been to Lidl for my main shop, where I spent £36.41 on the following items;

2 x punnets of grapes (red & green) - £3.00
Large Chicken                                 - £3.58
Bananas                                         - £0.62
Vine tomatoes (2.5kg)                     - £5.15 (enough to make 2 x large batches
                                                                  of soup to freeze)
Honey dew melon                           - £1.29
Leeks                                             - £1.19
Red onions (2 x bags @ £0.49)        - £0.98
Broccoli                                          - £0.79
Cucumber                                       - £0.59
Lemons                                          - £0.79
Mixed peppers                                - £0.99
Celery                                            - £0.49
Garlic                                             - £0.89
Carrots (2 x 1kg bags @£0.29)        - £0.58
Arla 1% milk (4 x £0.85)                - £3.40
Bavarian Ham (2 x £0.83)               - £1.66
Danpak butter                                -£1.79
Tomato puree                                 -£0.35
Dark Chocolate (6 x bars @£0.29)   - £1.74 ( will use for brownies / chocolate
                                                                 sponge etc)
Beef mince (6 x packs @£1.09)       - £6.54

TOTAL - 36.41.

Now I clearly made a mistake with the tomatoes. I could have sworn they were marked as 50% off, which is why I got a big bag today but the receipt tells me otherwise. Hmmm, I think I will go back tomorrow if I get the chance and check again....

I also picked up a few things from Morrisons after that I couldn't get at Lidl, namely;

Morrisons pink salmon, 1 x 418g can  - £ 1.58 (for fish cakes)
Morrisons fresh orange juice, 2L         - £1.78
Yeo Valley organic natural yoghurt     - £1.28
Morrisons Value kidney beans, 1 x can -£0.15
Clementines, 2 x 750g bags @£1.00    - £2.00

TOTAL - £6.79

TOTAL Grocery spend - £43.20.

This is quite a bit lower than I usually spend each week but I have quite a good stock of store cupboard essentials at home at the moment, like flours & baking items, pasta, olive oil spread, cheese, tinned tomatoes, tuna, coffee etc. All bought when on offer previously. I also have quite a few meat items in the freezer also bought on offer. I also had quite a few yoghurts left over from last week so i'm hoping I won't have to do a top up shop during the week.

I have set myself a challenge of only spending £250.00 on groceries in Novemeber and would love to beat this. However I won't beat myself up about it if I don't manage it.

I start my 'grocery months' on our pay day, which is normally on or around the 27th of the month, so this is my 2nd grocery week if you like. Total spent so far is £112.74. Which leaves me with £137.26.

Fuel spend is not looking so good so far this month due to a lot of extra running about this week. Normally we spend about £200 a month but so far we have spent £180.06. I have had to fill my car up again yesterday. Both cars are full so I am aiming to use the car as little as possible (other than today and tomorrow due to running kids around to clubs and a sports competiton).

I will try and upload some images of the muffins (what's left of them...), the soup and the spelt loaf (rather organic in shape...) later today when I get back.

Have a good Saturday x

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  1. Good luck sticking to your grocery budget :)