Friday, 28 October 2011

About me....

Phew! Having gotten that 1st post out of the way by rambling about food mainly I think I may share some information about me, my family and things I like.

I am 38, my husband or SM (Soul Mate) as I think i'll call him is 37. We have been together for years but only got married 2.5 years ago. We have 3 kids, 1 girl aged 10 and 2 boys aged 11 & 5. Our world revolves around them pretty much and they are without doubt my best achievements.

SM and I both work full time. This is something I have not been that happy about at times but due to circumstances we did it and got on with it. We have been lucky that due to shift work and some great flexibility in our jobs at times we have had to use minimal child care, with one of us being at home the majority of the time.

Whilst I wish I had been able to stay at home with them all before the went to school they seem to be well adjusted, confident kids and I am very pleased at the way they are turning out.

Also I cannot deny that the extra income has allowed us the opportunity to live in a nice house , in a nice place , where we all have the space we need and the kids have the freedom they need to grow in safety. We have also been able to take holiday's etc and start hobbies that we just couldn't have afforded if I didn't work. So whilst I do have a pang of regret that I wasn't always home, the kids don't seem to have been affected and have the opportunity to be able to things they not have done.

Total respect to all of the stay at home mum's by the way. It is not an easy job to truly run a house and family well.

I love to cook and you will find most of my posts will have some reference to whatever I am making that day or am planning. I also like personal finance, even although I have been VERY bad at this in the past, that is all behind me now! I am currently trying to overpay my mortgage each month so I can be rid of it early and deny the banks tens of thousands of pounds less out of me in interest!

I like getting what I need or want for less and enjoy the 'hunt'.

Things I would like to learn :

  • How to sew. I recently got a sewing maching and am desperate to learn how to make curtains blinds etc.

  • I want to learn French (I can speak a little but not enough to get by  other than ordering something in a cafe etc! I have a dream of maybe owning a small place out there when i'm older.

  • I would like to be a better cook. I have cooked all my life, after being well taught by my mother, but I would like to refine my skills a bit and learn things like making pastry etc. This may feature heavily in future posts, disasters and successes....
Finally I am always striving to be a better mum / wife etc and find a better balance to my life. This is something that I have found difficult in the past but am getting better at!

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